Hey there! I’m Ercan Akyürek, a tech enthusiast in my early thirties who’s super into all things innovative. I grew up in Germany, surrounded by a mix of German and Turkish cultures that have shaped my view of the world.

My love for computers started way back when I got my first VTech learning computer. I didn’t really get coding at first, but I was totally hooked on the endless possibilities it offered. I taught myself programming in PHP and later ventured into the world of C++. By the time I was 16, I was already working professionally, developing a digital asset management system for a company and later working in finance. My skills have improved over the years, but my passion for tech has stayed strong.

I’m all about web development, especially within the awesome React ecosystem. I’m really good with TypeScript and I know my way around C++ and WebAssembly to make my real-time web apps, like simulations, super fast and efficient.

In my free time, I have a unique hobby—building roller coasters on my computer using NoLimits Roller Coaster. I play around with tracks, roll interpolations, and all that cool stuff. I’ve even coded some libraries for a few games. Oh, and I’ve taken up darts as a substitute for soccer because of some knee injuries. I also love playing the guitar, which I started after getting injured in a soccer match when I was 18. Playing guitar is the ultimate stress reliever for me, especially since I’m a die-hard metal fan.

I’m happily married and have the most adorable 15-month-old kid. I’m already introducing them to the world of computers because it’s never too early to start, right? My family means everything to me, and they’ve always been there, supporting my interests and passions. Right now, I’m working on an open-source roller coaster simulator that I hope will be a super useful resource for the community.

Let’s connect and dive into the exciting world of technology together!